Posture Therapy Explained: It's More Than Standing Up Straight

Posture therapy is based on the belief that the body is perfect by design and is able to handle any activity, sport, or chore thrown its way. Injury and pain occur when the body is misaligned due to imbalanced movements, daily stressors, and trauma. Therefore, injury is less often the result of one fateful moment and more so the consequence of repeated dysfunctional movements over time, such as sitting slumped at a desk or walking in heels.

Posture therapy brings awareness to areas of tension in the body and teaches exercises for releasing it. Muscles can be tight and weak OR tight and overly strong, so exercises involve stretching/relaxing and strengthening weak muscles to achieve balance.  For example, runners often have overly strong hip flexors that pull the pelvis forward, creating strain on the low back and by proxy the upper body. Exercises designed to address this postural imbalance focus on releasing the strong/tight hip flexors and strengthening the opposing gluteal and hamstring muscles. In everything, balance is key!

Relearning functional movement allows your body to move and groove as it was designed and minimizes the risk of injury when you enjoy your favorite activities. It keeps you mobile and pain free at ANY age. Bones are worn down not by the inevitable forces of aging but as a result of misalignments that rub bone against bone. Ouch! Bone is able to regenerate and heal itself but is unable to do so with this type of dysfunctional positioning and pressure.

Look in the mirror and imagine or draw horizontal lines across your main joints. Are your shoulders and hips even? Is your head tilted? Do your knees go inward or outward? Take a photo of your side profile and draw a straight line from your ankle bone to the top of the photo. Does your knee fall along that line? What about your hip, shoulder, and ear? Any deviation from these straight lines indicates imbalance in the body that can cause stress on muscles and joints.

If you want to learn how you can naturally realign your body using exercises and other complementary modalities, send me a message or find a practitioner that speaks to your unique soul! Your body and your LIFE are worth it! Live well. Live pain free. Live freely.

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