How to Overcome Self-Doubt

Self-doubt is born from past-life experiences and childhood memories. Our emotional world is shaped through the eyes of a child, both in this lifetime and in the lifetimes of a younger soul. To overcome this self-doubt, here are my top three tips:

(1) Find ways to release your emotions

We, as humans, will go through great lengths to avoid feeling alone, lost, sad, stuck, or failure. It is in childhood that we learn what causes us to feel these emotions, and our teachers are many. Our behaviors are born out of our survival instincts to protect ourselves in a world full of adversity. Perhaps we learned it is safer to be quiet, unseen, and submissive. Perhaps we were punished for taking a risk, or discouraged to continue when we failed.

It is in adulthood that we learn to question these beliefs and their teachers. However, we may struggle to fully release those emotions if we are afraid to feel them. Emotional release work starts with recognizing the emotional sores from our childhood, as well as from certain past lives. As we feel those emotions and allow the depth of our experience to wash over us, we begin to soothe and love the child within us so that the wisdom of adulthood can take the reigns. We learn to apply understanding and empathy towards the principle actors of our childhood, like our parents, and in doing so learn to love ourselves.

Are you ready to reexamine your childhood and release the beliefs born out of survival and emotional protection in order to redirect your future? What behavioral patterns no longer serve you that you are ready to rewire? Are you willing to love the child within you who yearned only to keep you safe? By meditating upon and answering these questions, you begin your healing journey.

(2) Inoculate yourself to fear by starting small

Once you have recognized a limiting belief that you learned in a past experience, whether it be in a past life or in this lifetime, it is time to challenge it. For example, if you learned that speaking out loud and being seen is dangerous, you must find a way to speaker louder and be more visible. But start small! It is vitally important to set yourself up for success in these early re-experiences. We are trying to replace traumatic experiences with positive ones. But remember, positive does not necessarily mean a smashing success. Let me show you...

  • You can ask a barista or cashier for a 10 percent discount for no particular reason. In doing so, you are asking a simple question that will end in one of two ways: you will get a 10 percent discount or you will not. Either way, you can celebrate your courage in asking for something that most people wouldn't dare to ask!

  • You can try a new sport of activity and swear to make as many mistakes as possible. You can say to yourself, I want to be the WORST skier out on the slopes today. I want to ski so badly that I attract the attention of the best teacher who wants to help me stay off my butt out of the goodness of her heart. I want to ski so badly because it means I am out there DOING it!

  • You can try cooking a new type of cuisine, you can write a comment to your favorite Youtuber, you can take a new route home, you can sleep in a tent in your own backyard, you can ask for more ketchup...the options are endless. The key is to pick one small thing that challenges your sense of self-doubt and your limiting belief.

(3) Connect with your Higher Self

Believe that the greatest source of wisdom lies within you. When you are connected to your Higher Self, it does not matter if people think you are crazy; it does not matter if people doubt your vision. The only thing that matters is the deep sense of purpose you feel within your heart.

You can connect with your Higher Self by setting up a ritual that speaks to you. You can run a bath with salts and essential oils, light candles, and play meditative music. You can encircle yourself with your favorite stones, burn a bundle of dried herbs to clear the worldly thoughts around you, and chant. You can enter a deep trance state with the help of a guide who will ask your Higher Self your own questions. In whatever way you choose to connect to your Inner Wisdom, know that what you see, hear, feel, and otherwise experience is Divine guidance. This wisdom is always accessible and it is far greater than your fears.

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