Eyes: Supporting Your Windows to the World

Have you heard of vision therapy? It is relearning how to use your eyes functionally. By giving my body a chance to function as it was designed, I was able to say goodbye to my everyday glasses! I simply stopped wearing my glasses for close work (i.e. reading, computer work), which turns out is horribly stressful for your eyes and mind. A negative lens correction, given to people who are "near-sighted", strains the eyes and slowly elongates the it. Then, your doctor prescribes you a stronger correction, thereby straining your eyes more and increasing the elongation.

This cycle is apt to continue IF the root of the problem is not addressed. The problem may be atrophied and spastic eye muscles due to prolonged close work and/or emotional or physical trauma. There is a sphincter muscle that controls your ability to focus far and near, and if it spasms, it causes the blurry vision you associate with being "near-sighted."

Just like every other part of your body, your eyes thrive off of functional movement coupled with true relaxation. Your eye health is also intimately linked with your emotional reality. Ask yourself... When did you start wearing glasses? What was going on in your life? Was it stressful? Was it conducive to a sedentary lifestyle? The answers to these questions can help you pinpoint the root cause of your eye woes.

What are symptoms of unhappy eyes? Headaches and migraines, tension between your eyebrows, tension and pressure at the back of your head, dizziness, fatigue, poor concentration, nausea, irritability, anxiety.

Get curious! And start believing that your body has the ability to take care of itself and you. Find vision therapists in your area, check out free online resources, and contact me to start your healing journey.

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