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All healers in this directory are personal recommendations to whom I already send my family, friends, and clients. I only add practitioners whose services I have personally experienced. These people are magical! I encourage you to check out their websites if you feel so called.

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April Darley, N.D.

Emotional Strength Coach

      April uses a non-drug treatment called Neuro-Emotional Technique (N.E.T.) to quickly discover and eliminate stress and self-sabotaging blocks to your happiness and success. Appointments are available online or in person in the DFW area of Texas.

      Dr. Darley's book Empath Armour: How to Ground, Cleanse, and Protect Your Energy as a Sensitive Person is a must-have reference book if you have ever been described as an "overly sensitive" person, you take on the feelings of others easily, or you tend to experience anxiety and depression.


Jenna Handloff

Herbal Remedies & Mother Care

      Jenna Handloff is owner/herbalist of Aspen Botanicals, an apothecary located in Steamboat Springs CO that focuses on building ritual for improving health and wellness.  Jenna has studied herbal therapies for 10 years, studied through the Sage Mountain : Science and Art of Herbalism course and has traveled the country learning and loving her herbal allies.  

      Jenna has a deep love for supporting pregnancy and postpartum wellness, and has spent years growing her herbal practices to nourish women in their motherhood journey.  Jenna is an INNATE Traditions Postpartum Care Provider, the creator of Chick + Mum, mother of two and a certified Yoga Instructor.  

      Jenna's focus is to create a Collective at Aspen Botanicals that brings together educational classes, community, healing therapies, ritual support, consultations, and one on one yoga sessions.