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The Beginning

    Just a few years ago, I thought pain was inevitable. Shoulder tension, sore neck muscles, and a stiff back- it all seemed normal. Everyone else seemed to have similar complaints.

But beyond the pain, I had lost touch with my body. I was spending most of my day at a desk behind a computer screen and most of my downtime on the couch. I was casually treating my living, breathing body like a machine and denying it natural movement.

    Then, I finally decided to try chiropractic treatment to help with the pain. To my surprise, my chiropractor recommended posture therapy in addition to chiropractic adjustments. The adjustments could realign my bones, but posture therapy would train my muscles to keep them there.

    The exercises, which seemed so simple, proved to be quite challenging! My body had forgotten how to do simple movements, like rotating my arm from the shoulder joint and walking equally with both legs. The experience of relearning this natural motion put me back in my body. Not only could I hear its messages, but I could understand them and act upon them to fix the root problems. Pain is never a mistake- it’s our bodies’ way of saying, “Pay attention!”

    My body was crying out for change and I am so glad I listened. By caring for myself and believing in my inner strength, I was able to redirect my energy in a massive way. It led me down this path of helping others to rediscover the body's innate wisdom and its incredible power to heal itself. I strongly believe that everyone can learn how to listen to the body in a way that changes their life beyond just physical symptoms. The emotional healing journey that coincides with becoming more in body can open you up to a state of greater awareness, wellness, and joy.


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Taylor Wild, Emotions Guide & Intuitive Coach

Taylor is an emotions guide and intuitive coach with a focus on mind-body-spirit techniques that release tension in the body and mind. Her healing practice is based on her own personal healing journey involving an autoimmune condition, chronic back and neck pain, and several car accidents.


She is an Egoscue Method practitioner trained by the Egoscue University and integrates anthropological understandings of functional movement and adaptive anatomy into her practice. As part of a master’s program in applied and medical anthropology, Taylor completed thesis research on the connection between autoimmune conditions and childhood trauma. In conjunction with her master's coursework, Taylor briefly attended chiropractic college for a better understanding of anatomy and biomechanics.

While there, Taylor learned various approaches of emotional integration/release for relieving stress, anxiety, and depression. She combines those approaches with emotional freedom technique, shamanic journeying, and spiritual channeling to connect clients to a greater sense of purpose and wellbeing. 

Taylor works with all health and wellness concerns or goals, including chronic pain, fatigue, autoimmune disease, physical trauma, fertility, and pregnancy/postpartum. She specializes in strange physical or mental symptoms that have not responded to other more conventional treatments. 

In everything she does, Taylor aims to move closer to love and to show her clients how to do the same.