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InBody Posture is based on the belief that true wellness can only be felt when we are spiritually connected to our highest self and divine purpose.

Taylor's Holistic Services

Individualized Alignment Therapy

Relieve Chronic Pain

Learn gentle exercises that will realign your body naturally without the use of physical interventions, like braces or straps. By doing a menu of daily exercises, you'll retrain your body to hold itself in its most functional position, relieving stress on your joints and muscles to live a more pain free and fluid life.

In our sessions together, you will learn the ways in which your body loves to move and gain confidence in integrating that movement into your everyday life and beyond.

My friends, pain and injury are NOT inevitable. Your body was built to move and heal throughout your entire lifetime. Posture therapy can help you get there. Avoid surgical intervention, get aligned, and feel stronger.

Emotional Integration

Mind-Body Techniques

Use the body's pain signals to address emotions that have become stuck. Pain signals can manifest in both physical (e.g. tension) and mental ways (e.g. anxiety). Together, we can explore these messages from your body.
Indeed, most physical issues, including postural misalignments, have some type of emotional component or stuck trauma that prevent healing and attract further injury. To ignore the emotional reality of pain, dis-ease, and injury is like working to reprogram a computer without addressing any previously downloaded software.
These sessions are drawn from various mind-body techniques that bring awareness to emotions in a way that allows them to be released and integrated into your conscious awareness, rather than running unchecked in your subconscious.

Shamanic Journeying

Guidance from Your Higher Self

In a deep trance state, you'll be able to tap into the purest, wisest form of you. I facilitate the journey, but your Higher Self will be the driver. In this way, we can also access your guides and guardians.

Through shamanic journeying, you will be able to connect to true understanding, divinity, and oneness. Receive insight and inspiration on how to proceed in your career and relationships. Heal wounds and illnesses. Experience how to be happier.

You already have the answers you need within you. Allow me to help you tap into that wisdom.

Skype Sessions Available

All Services

If I am the right healer for you at this time, I am happy to connect with you over Skype for any of my services.

Client Testimonials

    I started posture therapy because of terrible neck tension that would turn into headaches. It was a problem that prevented me from exercising and enjoying my time off. I also had lower back pain, tightness in my right shoulder, a clicking right hip, and shin splits. I was 28 years old but I felt 82!

     Now, I can spend all day on my feet at work and I don’t even notice it! I am much more confident going into an exercise class, and I know that I’ll be able to get up the next day without pain. I recently got a horse and am so happy to be able to ride him on a regular basis without taking breaks because of a pain in the neck (or my hip!). When I do have any pains, I know the exercises that will help me regain balance.



"Pain is not something to be feared; It is something to be understood."

Pete Egoscue, Creator of the Egoscue Method


Practicing in person in Pennsylvania in York and Lancaster Counties, and surrounding areas.


Check out Taylor's videos listed on Youtube for more information about her background and approach to wellness, and for tips on how to feel better today!


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