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Emotional guidance & intuitive coaching

Feeling out of sorts? Stuck in pain? Lost in thought? Unhappy in life?

Your body and soul need attention.

Take a class, join a group, and get 1:1 guidance.


Current Offerings

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Emotional Integration 1:1 Sessions

For a Deeper Sense of Calm

Use the body's pain signals to address emotions that have become stuck. Pain signals can manifest in both physical (e.g. tension) and mental ways (e.g. anxiety). Together, we can explore these messages from your body.

.Indeed, most physical issues, including postural misalignments, have some type of emotional component or stuck trauma that prevent healing and attract further injury. To ignore the emotional reality of pain, dis-ease, and injury is like working to reprogram a computer without addressing any previously downloaded software.

These sessions are drawn from various mind-body techniques that bring awareness to emotions in a way that allows them to be released and integrated into your conscious awareness, rather than running unchecked in your subconscious.

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Emotional Integration for Animals

For Our 4-Legged Friends

Do your animals seem stressed? Moody? Unhappy? I offer emotional integration and energy healing for animals, too!  

My unique approach involves the owners in a way that they learn how to offer emotional support for their animals after the session. I teach to help owners have confidence in their own intuition and abilities.
Pricing depends on location, number of animals, and type of animal. I can see animals in my office if they are small and hairless. Contact me for more information.


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Events & Workshops

All Offerings

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Virtual options available for ALL offerings! Please contact Taylor for more information on how it works.

Client Testimonials


I was first introduced to Taylor through posture therapy of which I am a huge fan. Then she introduced me to the work she does to help integrate emotions and wow, I was blown away. I had been working on integrating emotions for about a year when we started and I know it accelerated that process for me.


She introduced me to new concepts and ideas that have absolutely expanded me and helped me heal on many levels. Taylor is patient, authentic and sensitive. I feel so fortunate to have her help me navigate these waters. 




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